GFE should never be an upsell

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Another thing I noticed recently on some of the provider boards I am on, is that for some providers, GFE is offered as an additional service. Meaning, that they have multiple offerings and their base offering is a non-GFE one and then their “menu” has additional “items” that will either constitute the technical aspects of GFE leading up to what they claim will be a Full GFE.   This is not GFE in my opinion.

One of the key words in the acronym GFE (Girl Friend Experience) is EXPERIENCE.  Providing a GFE service, should constitute the full EXPERIENCE, it should be a part of what you do regardless of the client.  Again, depending on the client, chemistry/compatibility levels are different, but this should not change your offering.

Yes, I understand that the client/provider relationship is a business one.  However, I feel that the less evident the “business” is, the better.

The bottom line in this posting is that one should ask.  Are you providing/seeking just sex? or are you providing/seeking an overall experience?  The latter is what the main part of GFE is all about.

Proper provider experience Part 2

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In a previous post “What a proper experience with a provider should be“, I put up some high points on what a “Girl Friend Experience” should be.  In that post, my focus was on the technique.  Since that post, I have had several conversations with my wife, and other providers, and have realized that I missed a key element, the “experience” itself.

The one key element I have missed is the “girl friend” or companion part.  What separates Kristen from other providers, aside from hitting the “functional” points brought up in my previous post, is that she is able to make me FEEL like she is my girlfriend or companion the ENTIRE time I am with her.  This is the main reason why I felt compelled to write about my experience with her.

This is THE rare quality that I believe certain providers posses and most cannot achieve.

What gave me this light bulb is simple.  Angel said to me this morning…  “[When with a client] the SEX is easy.”

To clarify, it’s easy to fulfill the points in the list I made in my other post.  I think anyone could do that.  But what makes the session is the time spent not having sex.  How that time is filled up, if it’s awkward or uncomfortable, then it’s not good.  Both Kristen and Angel’s talents are the ability to make you FEEL like they genuinely care about you and being there with you.   This my friends, is what GFE truly is.

What a proper experience with a provider should be

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My wife has been a “provider” for just over 10 years now.  I have been a “hobbyist” for about 20 years.  My wife was not a provider when we met, this was something she got into after we were married.  It was something she wanted to try on her own accord and I supported her. Really, I am not a jealous person.

““Love” is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own… Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy.” — Robert A. Heinlein

I preface this post with that paragraph because I have not “sessioned” with my wife.  But, I know the caliber of service she provides.  As a hobbyist, I have learned to use her as the bar in which I would rate other providers.  I believe she exemplifies what a true GFE “Girl Friend Experience” should be.   She has many reviews that state such.

What I classify as a good experience, or a proper “Girl Friend Experience” is:

  1. There should never be any discussion of money or time once the session begins
  2. It should feel comfortable and not rushed
  3. Kissing should be allowed (at least to LFK – beyond should be determined by passion/chemistry)
  4. Blow Jobs should be done uncovered (I have never had a girl friend that blew me with a condom)
  5. You should be allowed to go down on the provider (DATY)
  6. If there are awkward moments, the provider should handle it gracefully and with tact. (equipment failure, condom use, etc)
  7. During the session, you should not be interrupted with cell phone use/answering by either party.
  8. The session should last the full duration of the time requested/compensated
  9. At the end, the provider should offer a warm cloth to clean “the mess” or offer to shower together.
  10. It should end with some pleasant conversation and a warm hug/kiss.

These classifications and expectations come from personal experience and discussions with my wife on her techniques.  From what I know, she meets all of the above and then some.

Every once in a while, I still dabble in the hobby.  I’ll make an appointment and session with a provider.  I’ve had some good experiences and most are so so.   I do my due diligence and read reviews, after all, I do look for value for my money.  I try to see how well the reviews stack up to my list of requirements.

Usually, my experiences with a provider fall short.  Some miss several points, but most miss one or two.

However, I met a provider tonight that for me, met all of the above.  I have to admit, I was a bit leary with the “gamer” girl attitude and the youth.  Normally, providers 30+ are the ones that will meet the above criteria.  She’s  23, with great rates, and attitude.  I honestly had a really good time with her.

She’s very careful about her screening process. (as is my wife)  If you are interested in knowing more about her, please visit her site at (site removed since she no longer offers services)

I look forward to introducing her to my wife :)

Oh, for those of you interested in my wife’s site: