In Being an Alternative Family and dealing with Religion

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My immediate family is very alternative in regards as to how most families function.  First and foremost in my family, the priority resides with my son.  All our decisions and choices ALWAYS take him into consideration first.

When Angel was pregnant with Draylan, we spent several hours a week discussing how we would deal with various situations that might arise with our son.  A lot of it was discussion on how we would deal with various potential situations as they arise.  Since we could not predict for EVERY possible situation, we spent a lot of time laying out guidelines on how we would deal with situations as they arise.

We know that our views and lifestyle are not the norm.  But do know, that we do love and cherish our son dearly.  I KNOW that we are very good parents.  My argument to most people is simple.  Do not question US as to our viability as parents.  Take a moment and talk to my son, his words, actions, mannerisms, and personality will speak volumes as to how we are as parents. Read more

Moving & Holidays

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This will probably be my last post for 2007.  A lot has happened in the last month.  We moved to a better and semi-permanent location.  We found a place in Henderson, NV we liked and it will be our “home base” as we do plan to travel in the coming year.   It’s a nice 3 bedroom apartment, townhouse style with attached garage.  Pictures below:

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We had a good Christmas.  Draylan got lots of presents.  I am telling you we spoil the hell out of my son.  If we don’t do it, he has plenty of aunts and uncles that do it for us.  lol

I am still playing Entropia Universe.  I have been meaning to get more time in world but I have been busy with the move and all.

I have found another time sink however.  It comes in the form of a PS3 game called Eye of Judgement.  It’s a hybrid console and collectable card game similar to Magic: The Gathering and Yu Gi Oh.  It’s played using the Playstation Eye and a game board where you lay cards down and they battle.  I’ve never been into card games before, but this one has me hooked.  We’ve started a local Saturday night “Eye of Judgment” night where some of our friends get together and we play.  If you are in the Las Vegas/Henderson area and play Eye of Judgment, give a comment or send me a note and we’ll send you an invite.

Anyways, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!  2008 wil Rock!

Update Aug 27

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Well, since I have been too lazy to blog, I have decided at least to try to do a weekly update on Sun/Mon and see if I can stick to it.

This past week, we have been prepping for Draylan’s first ever day in school.  He starts Kindergarten in about 4.5 hours.  WOW, time flies.  I remember when he was born.  Seems like yesterday.  He’s got his haircut (Mohawk of course), he chose some new shoes and an outfit.  He’s raring to go!  (I’ll try and post some pictures when I can)

On the Linux side of things, I am designing a new server for home.  I’ll post the specs when I get it all figured out.  I am getting ready to play with MediaTomb and see how that does as a DLNA server.  We’ve decided to move again soon, so we’re gonna postpone the LinuxMCE configs till we get in the new place.

Well, I’ve been preparing for two larger projects, one of which will be my first non-adult endeavor on the web.  This should be interesting, yet again, I will post more on this when we get a solid framework up.

The last several months, I have been so busy with getting things going, that I have not had time to do any gaming or anything along those lines.  As you know, I went back to Entropia Universe almost 2 weeks ago and I am playing when I can.  I have joined a great society, Entropia Asia, and I am working on getting a website set up for them.  When it is completed it will be at I hope to get it done in the next couple of weeks and I am gonna have Andrew ( work on a couple logo designs and see how they like it.

Anyways, that’s it for now.   :)